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Reinvention has been the driving force in my Art and life.

Redefining forms and concepts of space; solidly rooting forms, yet allowing them to have a sense of floating;

creating interconnections with mass and atmosphere.

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I grew up in New York City, immersed in the Art World by a father who ran of an Old Masters Gallery on 57th street.  As a child, going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my father. My father was often in the back rooms of the Museum, and it was there that I was introduced to the mechanics of Fine Art, the craft beyond the inspiration.

At the age of 14, I apprenticed to a fine arts framer learning the art of gilding and hand carving frames.

I  started college at New York University as an Art History major but quickly shifted to Fine Art and Sculpture as I have always worked and thought in 3-dimension.

Two years later I was invited to study under Dale Eldred at Kansas City Art Institute. Working as an artist in the midwest of the United States, my eyes were opened to “Prairie” spatial concepts of size and mass. This started my fascination with floating shapes.

I returned east for graduate school at Rhode Island School of Design and was fortunate to receive a graduate fellowship. While there I worked on a series of boat pieces which were dream driven: interesting that I later sailed the South Pacific and then Central America including the Panama Canal for 2.5 years on my own boat.

In California, I became involved with special effects for film and commercials. I worked in Japan as head of Specialized Theme Construction for Sumitomo Corporation and as a Creative Producer for Universal Studios.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked as a fine artist, art restorer, sculpture teacher, creative producer, and sundry other careers. My calling has always guided me back to Art. 



2023 Southern Vermont Art Center

         Midwinter Show


2022 The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

22nd Japan International Art Exhibit


Art in The Park  Sept-November 2021

Greater Boston Area Invitational



Southern Vermont Member show 2021

Southern Vermont Art Center
Laffer Gallery Saratoga N.Y
Fullerton Museum California
De Cordova Museum
O.K Harris Gallery N.Y.C N.y
Lenore Gray Gallery  Providence R.I
Wood Gerry Gallery  Providence R.I
New York University Gallery
Gallery at Kansas City Art Institute
Kansas City 4 large Sculptural Pieces




New York University

Kansas City Art Institute  BFA Sculpture

Rhode Island School of Design   MFA Sculpture


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